Friday, December 05, 2008

leah's 2008 year-end list.

it's december. you know what that means? that's right! i'll be another year older in 24 days! this year is my year to turn the age of the day of my birth. does that make sense? i'll be 29 on the 29th. woohoo! anyway, enough of my self-indulgence.

december also means rewinding and coming up with those lovely year-end-you-must-have-these-albums lists. every music blogger does one, or something like it. i've never been the exception. and i won't be this year, either. unfortunately, i have kind of bowed out of the ring a bit and haven't gotten nearly enough listening in as i could have this year. so if i don't list your fave, don't sass me about it, k? i probably have not even heard it. i've actually developed heart palpitations from the amount of stress i've been under, and my face looks like a 16-year-old girl's with the massive skin eruptions. so back off! phew. ok. here ya go. this is what i loved this year.

no particular order.

>sia. Some People Have Real Problems. wow. sia is amazing. the ex-zero 7 contributor is proof that human beings can actually sound ethereal enough that you think they might really be angels. i can't tell you how many people i've heard declare that sia will save your life. ahhhh, sia.

>the swell season. Music From The Motion Picture Once. technically, this album came out in december of 2007. but it didn't really make much headway until 2008 when the duo went on tour. yeah, i saw the movie, and i wanted to cry. and the songs tug on my heartstrings because they're so full of powerful emotion that you can actually feel it entering your pores and freezing your blood. an album i could wallow in forever. <3

>rantings of eva. Rantings of Eva. it's no secret that i love this band. back in march, they released their first full-length album, and it's still in rotation on my various iplayers. usually i can pick two songs i go back and forth with, but this album has six strong repeat-worthy tunes. i love this album like mary katherine gallagher loves the smell of her armpits.

>black kids. Partie Traumatic. thank god for this album. had i not had it to pull me out of a funk, i'd probably have bed sores right now. seriously. when i listen to this album, invisible hands made of musical notes pull me up off my ass and make me shake my tushy and fling my hair.

>david ford. Songs for the Road. the only person i can give this award to: more depressing than damien rice. mhmm. david ford makes me find that corner of my soul that houses feelings of misery and hate - and he makes me deal with it. he's the reason i don't have to pay for therapy. well, he's part of that reason. there are many other artists who also contribute to that...

>the bridges. Limits Of The Sky. finally, a group of kids who sing good songs with great lyrics and even more amazing music behind it. wait, don't they call this "talent"? why is it that the mainstream-indie attention (i know, that is an oxymoron; but you should know what i mean by that) seems to be lost on a bunch of crappy sounding bands just because the boys wear pants that are way too tight? wake up, people. this is a band you need to know, and you need to listen to.

>the old 97s. Blame It On Gravity. i got to be one of the first to hear the band debut some songs from this album live this year at sxsw. and it was glorious! when i got the album, i listened to it for days. i've also been found at a bar in the west village drunk as a skunk screaming about how much i love 'no baby i' and 'ride.' i think that might be a good indication of my relationship with this album. laid-back, full of fun, and willing to keep you company at the bar.

>american babies. American Babies. a band i discovered at sxsw. they're not selling out arenas, but they're definitely making my subway rides easier to deal with. this band has a down-home sound that might make you think whiskey is a great idea, even if you're not a whiskey drinker. 'brooklyn bridge' is my hands-down fave track and appears on a good number of playlists in my library.

>the kooks. Konk. no list is complete without the british invasion. so here is another one. i never paid attentions to this album until 'love it all' showed up on my pandora station, and then i revisited it, and i lurve it. it's mindless and fits in with everyday music, but has that little extra smidge of brit rock.

>coldplay. Viva La Vida. it was bound to round out the list. maybe it's that little spiritual factor that i find so endearing about this album. or maybe it's because just because i'm losing doesn't mean i'm lost. or maybe it's the violins and rolling the dice. i could listen to these songs a thousand times a day and never get sick of them. but, isn't that what coldplay is all about? i commend them for a job well-done, yet again. bravo, chaps!

there it is. love it, or leave it, you better gain way. nah, just kidding. this is just a reminder that i didn't listen to all of the hundreds of albums that were released this year. it's a personal collection of faves. feel free to comment about what you think i need to listen to, also.
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