Thursday, November 13, 2008

new CD releases for cold weather.

the british columbians out of vancouver have a new album packed with canadian flavor that in some instances (like on "in the leaves") make me feel like i'm listening to kansas while johnny cash sings, except if johnny cash were into canadian campfires rather than rings of fire and kansas were flourishing in 2008. but don't let that fool you. listen to "hoodoo" and you'll begin to wonder if your ex-hippie dad influenced them to go searching for CCR or jimi hendrix to pull musical ideas from. the point is, their sound is all over the place, and that might be a nice thing for those of us who have multiple musical personalities. this band is the zyprexa for such a disease...

then you have the in endeavors with you've got your friends, i've got mine. i'm more inclined to lean into their spoon meets kings of leon meets modest mouse rock sound.

and lastly, here's a band that makes my ears hurt because it's like the muppets got together and figured kermit could sing in a band. frontier ruckus. that wasn't a compliment.

whatever you're looking for on this fabulous thursday, there are a few bands you can check out at your leisure.

as an addendum, check out paste magazine's sampler CD picks and rate the songs up. you'll see a familiar band in there! (cough..ahem..rantings of eva..coughcough)
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