Friday, November 14, 2008

duke spirit ticket giveaway for athens folks.

hello. if you live in athens, or if you're close to athens, or if your boyfriend moved away and went to school in athens, and you need an excuse to show up on his doorstep, then maybe i can help you out!

the duke spirit is playing with eulogies at 40 watt on november 29th. if you want to go, just email your name. put 'duke spirit' as the subject, please. then, next thursday, i'll announce a winner. cool?

ps-if you can't go to the show, then don't enter the contest. it is a huge pain in the ass when you say, 'yay! i won! oooh, but wait, i can't go...' don't do that shit. please. it's annoying. kthanks.
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