Monday, November 03, 2008

Concert review: Nine Inch Nails

Band: Nine Inch Nails
Support: Health
Date: 10.31.08 (Halloween)
Venue: Sommet Center, Nashville, TN

Seeing them in Duluth, GA a few months back up in the seats, it was an entirely different experience seeing them less than 20 feet from the stage. I should point out the little school girl came out in me because Trent Baby Reznor is effing HOT! Moving on, the band was introduced by a rough start... Health should be heard at the Variety Playhouse on a Tuesday. The vocals were refreshing, but the jauntiness and their showmanship were very unsatisfying. From the bass being too loud and Jake being to the back of us the entire time, it was a disappointment.

On a lighter note, the music selections heard on the speaker for NIN to show up were quite satisfying (Ladytron's "WhiteLightGenerator" and Joy Division's "Transmission"- woo hoo!). In the middle of the Joy Division track, NIN started playing "999,999" going into "1,000,000." The first thing we see is Robin Finck sporting a Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Michael Myers mask- brilliant! (Girl moment: I swear during the first song, Trent baby looked at me- ahhh!) Apart from the annoying attempted mosh pit/heavy swaying and funny cigarette smelling (yuck!),the same set list was used pretty much. The highlight of the show was hearing two tracks not heard in Duluth- "The Hand That Feeds" and "The Great Destroyer." Another highlight was seeing the "Ghosts" tracks up close. I've gained an appreciation for the album after I saw them perform up close despite my initial reaction. Overall, it was worth five hours of travel time to see this legendary group again. To top the night off, I lost my voice from a severely dry throat due to a cold. However, seeing the weirdos who dressed up for Halloween after the show and IHOP with my boyfriend made it not seem as bad. :-)
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