Tuesday, October 14, 2008

rantings of eva go on mini tour.

speaking of spin (which, i did in my last post if you scroll down a bit...), if you haven't already, you should get the october issue. there's a nice kings of leon article in it, which i know i blogged about last month. but also, look what i found on page 47...

my most favorite atlanta band - rantings of eva! if you want to see them, and you're along the east coast, try to find yourself in one of the following places to catch them live:

saturday, october 25: ATLANTA, GA: star bar w/autovaughn

sunday, november 9: NEW YORK, NY: the annex (i will be at this show, of course)

monday, november 10: BROOKLYN, NY: trash bar (i will also be at this show...)

tuesday, november 11: WASHINGTON, DC: the red and the black

friday, november 14: ATLANTA, GA: vinyl w/the modern society, the lisps, and the bloodsugars (from NYC)

thursday, december 11: NASHVILLE, TN: the rutledge
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