Thursday, October 09, 2008

pop death squad's day of the dead.

i would totally go to atlanta to take part in this monstrosity of a show, but the man and i will be in montauk fishing that weekend (halloween weekend! show is november 1st)...but hey, if you're in atlanta, you can go. and you should. just look as this!

Pop Death Squad presents //
at the Star Bar
21 and UP / $5
Gates open at 2:30PM

*Outdoors - from 330 - 8PM
Part Bear -
The Empties -
Ponderosa -
Kuroma -
The Constellations -

*Indoors - from 9 til 2AM
The Weeks -
Shovels and Ropes -
Poison Arrows -
Death On Two Wheels -
AND special guest headliner (TBA)

*times subject to change....

it's only $5! you might as well spend it before it's ripped from your hands to fix boo boos of greedy execs at AIG! right?
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