Monday, October 27, 2008

nyc shows this spooky week.

guess who managed to entirely skip anything having to do with cmj?! me! man, does it suck to be in the real world...

however, this week holds my most favorite holiday, and since i'm pumped on that alone, i'm going to trek around to see some amazing stuff going on.

*tonight (monday! october 27!), at the mercury lounge, an atlanta-based band hits the stage. trances arc will be performing all of their high-energy rock at 7:30. that means we have to pray the trains will not have any hold-ups today after work...and let's hope we find $10 laying around to get in.

*tomorrow (tuesday! october 28!), at the mercury lounge AGAIN, david ford is bringing the somber songs of love and how much it sucks to the great people of nyc. this guy makes me want to throw bricks through windows. but, in a very good way. he also plays at 7:30, and it's $15 to get in. well worth the bones, folks.

*ALSO tomorrow: wow, the bridges are high-tailing the harmonies to webster hall with matthew sweet. people, if you have not seen these kids, put down the mouse and get your ass to the venue tomorrow night. i know matthew sweet has his fame, and he's awesome, but these bridges kids will lay down chills on your face. your neck hair will stand up. hell, you may even have to wipe away tears. i wish i were kidding. $25, show is at 7:00.

*thursday, october 30th: i'll be in montauk (yay!) to go fishing (yay!) with my sexy boyfriend (yay yay!!), but if you're one of those people who likes shitty music because someone told you it was cool, you can try to find your way into the sold out MGMT show at webster hall. good luck, kiddies.
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