Sunday, October 26, 2008

Concert review: TV On The Radio

Location: Tabernacle
Date: Saturday - 10/25
Support: The Dirtbombs

It can't get any better when you walk in to a venuw hearing a band with talent. The Dirtbombs delivered a performance that aimed to satisfy and chill their listeners. One of the highlights of the entire night was their exit. After their last song, the drummer would keep playing as everyone packed up. Slowly, one piece of the drum set would go until there was nothing left for the drummer to do but stop playing- flippin' cool!

After impatiently waiting for sound checks, TVOTR graced out presence with nothing but coolness. The energy of jumping to the beat would relax and heighten throughout the show. People watching was also a plus (or minus) when you're taking a breather. Between the mosh pit hippies and the nutty show goers that towered over me, it was entertaining. Playing crowd pleasers like "Wolf Like Me" and "A Method" (which was badass!!), "Staring at the Sun" was their closer at the encore, which brought everyone to jumping like a bunch of kids on pixie sticks.
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