Thursday, September 04, 2008

who killed amanda palmer?

while i'm not the most die hard fan of the dresden dolls, i have loved them for a couple years. and really, it's amanda palmer that does it for me. i don't know how one person is able to come up with such intelligent and involved lyrical content over and over again. while she's got a distinctive and neurotic sing-songy voice, it's one i gladly point out to anyone i'm around when i happen to hear her.

she's got a solo album coming out on september 16th called who killed amanda palmer. while i don't have the entire album, i've listened to what's up on myspace. it sounds completely bipolar. one minute she's off on vocabulary driven tangent in 'runs in the family,' and the next minute she's telling a story that tickles the heartstrings the way only amanda palmer can in 'the point of it all.' this girl has more passion in her pinkie than some people have as a whole, and she sings it, she writes it, she lives it. mad props, girl, mad props.

palmer will be touring around overseas. jammy blokes. i'm sure she'll hit the us after that, though. just stay tuned.
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