Thursday, September 25, 2008

sharing is caring.

while i sit at laguardia listening to people and wishing cell phones did not exist in settings such as this, i figured i'd knock out some of my wait time with some songs that have helped me find inner peace. or, at least, songs that i have found in my pandora excursion. i'm sure you can download all of these through your choice of music downloading services.

>the kooks - "love it all" from konk
>coldplay - "death and all his friends" from viva la vida (that entire album is pretty much the epitome of amazing, actually)
>thirteen senses - "into the fire" from the invitation
>the summer skinny - "the great american napkin"
>blue-eyed son - "i threw it all away" from west of lincoln
>maritime - "with holes" from heresy and the hotel choir
>golden smog - "you make it easy" from blood on the slacks

there are so many more, and i might decide to do another post like this in the near future, so i'll save the rest for that...
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