Thursday, September 04, 2008

rilo kiley bassist rolls one deep.

back when i did an interview with pierre de reeder, bassist of rilo kiley, i side-stepped and listened to some of his solo stuff. and i found it very sunshiney, but much less poppy than anything rilo kiley has released. i need sunshine. i may be pasty, but i'm no vampire. trumpets and jazzy/bluesy undertones make up a lot of what de reeder has recorded on his solo release - which came out august 12 - the way that it was. let's just say that i approve of the music, as it's easy on my aging ears that don't tolerate too much anymore...

he's got a few songs up on myspace, and i'm leaning toward "never thought" as my favorite out of the bunch. as happy as it sounds, it's an artistic showing of a deeper human feeling. i really admire it, and de reeder in general for the ability to create easy listening songs that you can feel good about listening to.

no tour dates that i see anywhere, but it looks like jenny lewis is flying on a solo tour right now, and who knows what's going on with blake sennett...more of the elected in the future? while i hope they keep getting together as a band, i'm really digging all the side-solo work, too. yay.
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