Tuesday, September 23, 2008

of interest, maybe.

>ben folds five has reunited. i really don't care for them. i never have. but, i know there are plenty of people who do. you can listen to the entire album on myspace. also, for those who like the live action, they'll be playing terminal 5 next tuesday and wednesday (sept 30 and oct 1).

>ticket sales today that might be of interest...

>>margot and the nuclear so & so's: playing october 22nd at the bowery ballroom. i might have to plan on this one, myself, since i know how kick ass they are.

>>calexico is playing webster hall tomorrow night.

>>chromeo is playing webster hall next thursday night. that's october 2nd. really, i love them. any band that's going to knock a needy girl is AOK in my book.
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