Friday, September 05, 2008

news for 9.5.08

it's already september. i can't believe it. i'm wondering when i'll have to put the fans in the closet and break out the space heaters and radiators. hopefully not too, too soon...

>my favorite band of all time, the old 97s, has a little write-up on my favorite music mags website. and oddly enough, langhorne slim, who i blogged about yesterday, is in the same spin article. cutting edge, people! for anyone in athens, the old 97s will be playing the georgia theatre on october 1st in support of their new album, blame it on gravity. let me just say that i saw them play webster hall in august, and it was one of the most energetic performances i've seen out of them. and, if you're a fairweather fan, don't worry - they play lots of old tunes in between the new ones. but i suggest you pick up the new one. i was addicted after about three days. but i'm slightly biased.

>in local atlanta news, novah broke up. something about creative differences. kind of a shame. i really think they had a good bit of potential.

>u2 is pushing things back. what's a few more months when we've been waiting on new stuff for four years?

>politicians are pissing off the people who make them look semi-cool by stealing songs for campaign use. heart's not happy. (as a side note, i'm a big fan of heart. i mean, i LOVE heart.) they now join jackson browne and john cougar mellencamp among the anti-republican party musicians.

>lily allen has to explain her potty mouth to the press. see potty mouth below.

>i like watching a good trainwreck. i only wish this one would get some help. you have to know who i'm talking about.
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