Monday, September 22, 2008

news for 09.22.08

it's officially the first day of my favorite season. and there might be a couple of things going on outside of drinking on saturdays in pubs while watching football and shopping for new hats.

>i hate the whole dance club dj culture thing, and i also hate punk-ish bands like blink 182, but this is a sad story.

>ohhhh, george michael. i used to have faith that one day you'd be a good father figure. and a good teacher. but now, i'm not so sure.

>so, i did some shopping yesterday for my every-other-yearly splurge on overpriced jeans that make your ass look amazing, and i stopped in to barnes and noble to pick up the new issue of spin magazine. they have a little online video extra here that's kind of cute to watch of the cover boys, kings of leon. (ps - is it just me, or are their pants uncomfortable to look at due to the tightness factor?)

>i should start a new segment called 'things leah keeps seeing/hearing about and finds highly overrated and completely unjustified.' i'll just name a few...

>>duffy. katy perry. any female singer/songwriter who has no problem singing about sex and drinking while wearing colorful clothes so that every jaded twenty-something decides that this chick is the best artist ever, thus adopting all songs by aforementioned girl musicians as their dating bible. please, there are enough of them. stop promoting this already!

>>teens (and pre-teens) who completely worship bands like metro station, simply because it is a small spinoff from their previous, but now juvenile, obsession with miley cyrus. come on, guys. your ears should know better. think of all the old execs at the monster record labels that are rolling around in your hard-earned minimum wages. it's so sad. :( (if you happen to not know what this means, miley's brother has this electro-pop band that is just so horrible. they try so hard to be 'cool' that in the end, they just look like dumbasses. it makes me nauseated.)

>>former pop singers who have decided to 'go country' in order to make more money and accumulate more fans, since the only way musicians are making money is by targeting the country lovers. i have many theories as to why country is a good money-making genre that i will not put here, because i'm exhausted. hi, jessica simpson, yes, i'm talking to you. (and i still refuse to buy anything with your name on it.) i feel bad that johnny cash and jessica simpson are now in the same section at the music store. oh, the shame.

>>the hills. seriously. these people are famous for being rich, and generally low on morals...and it's still a hot commodity. this is ridiculous. the fact that anyone would even allow that heidi girl to make an entire album is scary business. being blonde, thin, and big breasted does not mean you're talented enough to be a musician (see above rant re: jessica simpson). i have never seen an episode of it, yet i have to be subjected to it anyway anytime i visit a news stand.

i think i feel better now for getting that off my chest. maybe my next post will consist of something worth reading and checking out...just haven't received any mind-blowing music tips lately...
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