Wednesday, September 03, 2008

black kids, tings tings, david ford,

oh, overused and exhausted email inbox, how i've missed every musical goodie you used to feed me before i went away...and now, even after much neglect, you're back at it.

>the kooks have kooked (oh, my, how funny i am with that little play on words) up a cover of MGMT's "kids." i'm not sure who to be happiest for. on one hand, MGMT already has a band covering their tune, and on the other hand, the kooks actually make me like a MGMT song!

>do you ever watch old episodes of 'the newlyweds'? they crack me up, mostly because i'm easily amused. here's an interview with the ting tings that mirrors an episode of aforementioned game show. i watched it and semi-smiled during the part about a bird shitting in katie's eye. especially since a bird shit on me when i was in central park with my other half. sorry, a bird shit on me twice. twice, folks. yup. nice to know one of the ting tings has my luck, too.

>someone sent me the link to susannah blinkoff's music. apparently her claim to fame is having a song featured on 'my super sweet sixteen,' which, in case you don't know, is pretty much the absolute worst example of reality tv poop that exists. unfortunately, i'm not sixteen - despite the fact that i watch 'gossip girl' (did you see the premiere? i did. i'm already working on getting into the vitaminwater party next really exists! ). and since i'm not sixteen, i can't bring myself to like it. sigh.

>shows coming up that further confirm that nyc kicks ass of the largest proportions:

>>black kids - october 1 - webster hall: damn the fact that i have a day job and hate traveling by subway and don't live in manhattan! or else, you know i'd be here. and i would totally be shaking the booty. i'd be shaking it an epic amount. hey, how about a cool ass vid??

>>secret machines - october 18 - webster hall

>>the decemberists - november 5 - terminal 5

>>david ford - october 28 - mercury lounge: looove me some david ford! for real. i've talked about him before, and i haven't changed my mind. imagine!

that's all i can dole out for the moment. too distracted by how dumb some of america's next top model potentials sound...
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