Tuesday, September 16, 2008

atlantis in atlanta.

if you're looking for music this week, the annual music conference held in atlanta, cleverly called 'atlantis,' is taking place.

i'll go ahead and name who i think is worth checking out from the list they have on their site. because i might be a bit lazy today, and because i'm not that excited about it, you can get the schedule yourself. sound good? of course it does.

>andrew miller
>casper and the cookies
>death on two wheels
>harrison hudson
>natalie warner
>the beggars guild
>the bridges
>the empties
>the judies
>the sammies

there's a whole slew of other acts playing. i didn't mention them either because i don't know them, or because i think they're overrated and not worth your time, and let's face it, this is all about my opinion. that list of my must-sees has something for the whole family. sweet.

if, for some reason, you want to buy a pass for the whole weekend, find out how to do so here. i'm actually a little disappointed in this year's roster. i'd go to smith's olde bar thursday night, and star bar saturday night. but that's probably all i would do. who cares what i would do anyway. cheers, bitches.
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