Thursday, August 28, 2008

music news for 8.28.08

some linkage of interest to you. maybe. or maybe not.

>cmj has begun announcing acts that will be included in their music marathon festival in nyc october 21-25. the second round line-up was released today.

some to be noted at the moment don't include any from atlanta, but do include the likes of ambulance ltd, joan osborne (remember her?!?), beach house, margot and the nuclear so & so's, juliana hatfield (are the 90s making a comeback, or what?), the dears, the rosebuds, and many more.

>death cab's chris walla is at the DNC. this is probably the only real and honest blow by blow that will come from DNC coverage.

>speaking of talking heads, here's a nice piece of news regarding david byrne.

>i still love the rufus sports german beer garden outfits on stage. and that's why i'm going to campaign that he revisit his choice to man an opera. well, i'll campaign in spirit, at least.

>a good reason not to leak music too soon if you're a blogger.
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