Wednesday, August 27, 2008

black kids land single of the week.

the free song of the week on itunes is one i wanted to fight like rocky vs. the russian. unfortunately, i lost and gave in. i am well aware that black kids have been on the tip of everyone's tongue for a while, but hey, don't forget, i've been out of the loop lately. and, i write this blog for the uncool like myself to get caught up, yeah?

anywho - i saw black kids on letterman one night, and i was like, 'damn, it's late, and i have to work in the morning, but fudgecakes! this shit is catchy!' i wanted to jump out of bed and shake my tushy in between tossing my luxuriously long (and real...unlike paris and britney) hair to the 'dance dance dance dance!' chorus. they highly remind me of the updated version of the cure. i mean, as much as i hate to delve into the hippest, coolest, choppiest-haircut co-ed band of the moment, i can't help but like them.

if you want to catch them live, you're in luck! although, i find it amazing how they're playing the earl in atlanta (on september 23rd), and webster hall in nyc (on october 1st). the sizes are uber different. maybe atlanta needs to get out more. or, more people should live there. wait, what? nevermind.

click here for the free black kids single - i'm not going to teach your bf how to dance with you
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