Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good News Prompts Short Blogs.

something wonderful has happened for my favorite band out of atlanta that i swear i have tried to hype 'til i was blue in the face, and i wanted to post it in between trying to figure out my new job and all that other boring stuff.

rantings of eva has won the music nation spin hot pursuit competition, which gives them all kinds of cool prizes and recognition that is more overdue than that library book i lost in fifth grade.

i'm so glad that what i've known is now going to be known further and wider! i especially like that yours truly wrote their bio...and their bio is quoted all over the place. maybe spin wants to pay me for an occasional teeny write-up? ah, wishful thinking in leahland.

so anyway, congrats to them. go listen to their stuff. it's pretty amazing. and, i mean, you know i have to be telling some kind of truth if there is some 'official' validity now, right? i have excellent ears...
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