Monday, May 19, 2008

Free Shows at the Loft This Week...If I Pick You.

I have of tickets to give away...thanks to the lovely people at the Loft, who are hosting some pretty awesome line-ups in the coming weeks...

This week, I have two pair to give away. Aren't you excited? If you want to enter both, be my guest. In case you're wondering, I pick winners from a hat. So it's pure luck.

First off, Thursday, May 22, Bell X 1 is playing with support from Brooke Waggoner and Rantings of Eva. In case you don't know, Bell X 1 is out of Ireland and is also the other half of the defunct band Juniper, which boasted membership from Damien Rice. The Irish never seem to disappoint (except the Fighting Irish...they're having some major performance problems) so throw your name into the hat. Email me with "Bell X 1" as the subject, please, and, thank you.

Secondly, I have millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free. Yes, that's right, a pair of tix to the Presidents of the United States of America with support from Ski Club at the Loft on Friday, May 23. Just email me your name and "Presidents" as the subject for a chance to win.

I'll notify winners tomorrow night - before I go to the Braves game and pray I don't get drenched...
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