Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Dose Of Estrogen

I came across a few treasures in the way of chick rock in the last few weeks. It looks like there's some good new indie releases on the horizon for summer.

I just got an EP in the mail from Samantha Crain. She's from Oklahoma and has been compared to "Judy Garland singing Neutral Milk Hotel songs." Her new EP, The Confiscation, is packaged as a "musical novella" and I really dig it. Check out the track "Traipsing Through The Aisles" on her Myspace page (although the CD really does read well if you listen from beginning to end.) Samantha Crain is on tour now, including a Dunch show at The Earl on June 8th.

Check out Nerdkween's new release "Synergy". Monica (aka Nerdkween)will be playing a CD release show at Lenny's on June 30, as well as a couple of dates in Athens and New York. Tracks from the new release are already up on her Myspace page.

Jena Malone, yes the actress, has a new project called The Shoe. I really like it. It appears that they are only performing in California (boo) but check out the track "Raccoon" on The Shoe's Myspace page. It's cute.

Vancougar (from Vancouver) has a new disc out called Canadian Tuxedo. They don't appear to be touring the States right now but hopefully that will change. Check out the track "Obvious" on the Vancougar Myspace page.
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