Thursday, April 10, 2008

Contests for You, the Reader.

I have not one, but TWO giveaways for you. How exciting! Even more exciting than knowing my girl parts are about to shrivel up and die after learning some emo turd thinks Ashlee Simpson is marriage material. Ugh.

Anyhoooo, let's focus on real talent and free stuff instead!

FIRST: If you're feeling poopy because you don't have tickets to the sold out Spoon show next Monday, April 14th, then you can redeem your mood by winning a pair of tickets to see VHS or Beta at the EARL that night. Just email your name with the subject "VHS or Beta" to enter.

SECOND: If you're in lurve with brash, man-hating/loving chicks with humor crass enough to make your liberal grandmother blush, then please feel free to enter your name to win a copy of Kate Nash's debut album, Made of Bricks, along with a paper copy of Ragged magazine (a little sub-Filter publication) with Kate's lovely face on the cover. You can go to that link and download the entire Ragged issue with Kate for free! I have the CD and I can't say enough good about it. This girl is my personal hero! Seriously. (Anyone else going to see her at Variety next Tuesday, April 15th??) To enter, send me an email with "Kate Nash" as the subject and your name.

I'll announce winners tomorrow, and I'll email you to let you know you're a winner (even though I'm sure your mom already told you you're one...).

I'll leave you with Kate Nash's "Mouthwash" video. LOVE her!

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