Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CD Review: Nine Inch Nails 'Ghosts I-IV'

Speaking of NIN... they just came out with a new album yesterday (in stores at least, it's been available online for a month or so). Anywho, you know you're a hard butt when you're not as impressed as you thought you were gonna be with one of your favorite band's new tunes.

Ghosts I-IV, a two-disc instrumental compilation, gives off two different feelings for each disc. Out of 36 tracks are "four" songs, "Ghosts I" (tracks 1-9, disc one), "Ghosts II" (tracks 10-18, disc one), "Ghosts III" (tracks 19-27, disc two), "Ghosts IV" (tracks 28-36, disc two). "Ghosts I-II" is like hearing "Pinion" off Broken in 18 different ways. It's very piecey (if that's a word) and there isn't quite an idea fully formed for the disc. There are points when there's a thought process, but gets cut off abruptly. One thing you do hear that reminds me of "The Frail" (off The Fragile) is a great use of the piano featured on multiple tracks. What's also new for Trent's group is the guitar "sound" making me think of Duane Eddy's "Rebel Rouser" that works great. When you get to "Ghosts III-IV," it gets much better. Segues are used a lot more, subtle beats are heard more and the edginess as heard on "10 Miles High" is hinted. Two tracks I recommend are #9 and #14 off the second disc.

Overall, it's not bad but not that great either. It's definitely a must for NIN fans and for people into instrumental, experimental tunes. After listening "Ghosts I-II", it makes me want to forget it all and listen to this burned CD I have including Slipknot and Flatus instead, which makes me happy. :-)
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