Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Babies - S/T

So I bought a CD on iTunes last night. Yep. I actually bought it. I saw American Babies at SxSW, and I was so impressed by them, and super happy to learn they had an album being released soon after that. American Babies is now out in stores and there for you to purchase. Lucky you!

I've already listened to it about five times since last night, and I've dubbed my favorites. "Brooklyn Bridge" is up there on my list for it's deceiving and slow start that breaks into a catchy chorus that you just have to sing along to. The twangy guitars and mature vocals have totally grabbed me by the horns and kept me flailing for the entire three and half minutes.

I'm also completely in love with "Invite Your Friends" because, well, it makes me want to crack open a beer (with my teeth) and prance around a field party bonfire with my friends. It's just like that. That doesn't mean I can't come down into self-loathing misery (the very good kind) with "Baby, Don't Cry." Because I can. And so can you.
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