Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love iTunes gift cards! Part tres

It's taken me over a month to spend a $15 iTunes gift card. Here are the winners and the hows, the whens and the whys...

"Strange Powers" – The Magnetic Fields

I heard this in the documentary Tarnation. It’s one of those songs where you just want to drive around with the window down with cherry limeade. It also made the cut on my funny valentine list.

"This is a Landslide" – Intramural

If you don’t know already, you do now. I heart Greg Dulli. That man can write and sing like no one else. It’s also rare to see a picture of him without a cigarette. Back to the song, it’s the title track off the artist Denver Dalley's album featuring Dulli on vocals. Like listening to something ambient (ex: Michael Andrews and Gary Jules cover or “Mad World”), I completely zone out and just listen to the strange, warped vocals.

"Your Guardian Angel" – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

This is one of those where I thought I would never like in a million years, but I do. This song makes me think of Red Letter Agent’s “Under Starlight,” also on the valentine list.

"Live for Better Days" – Ignite

A curve ball was thrown at me with this one. About halfway in there’s a long pause for a good 30 seconds, which I thought was a mess-up. Suddenly, I hear a classical singer introducing this edgy second half of the song entirely in Latin or Hungarian or something not English (language sung is still unknown). It's definitely not like Coldplay’s “Everything’s Not Lost” with the 30 second folk song at the end. However, the chance to have that look of bewilderment is very nice.

Geogaddi (the whole album) – Boards of Canada

It all started at American Apparel. When I was in there on a yucky, rainy Sunday, I felt like I was being abducted by aliens on a UFO. I was weirded out by the music, but wanted to know more at the same time. The nice people there suggested a few bands and Boards of Canada was one of them. It's not quite 'out there' like Minotaur Shock, but it’s very much something you’d hear at a new age store. Think of these 23 tracks as strange peace...
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