Sunday, February 10, 2008

Someone likes Red Letter Agent...

If you find yourself saying, 'nothing's on' for the next few Monday's, tune into ABC Family's Kyle XY and have a listen to Atlanta's own Red Letter Agent. It all starts tomorrow when their song "Under Starlight" will be heard (remember "Under Starlight" when I post another blog later this week - *hint hint*). This is the first of many 'appearances' RLA with have on this show. They're also in the works to play at SXSW - you know, the music festival Leah's been super excited about going to and drops those magical initials as much as possible. :-)

A "by the way" on RLA: This is a really good band and should be heard by all Atlantans and beyond. I've been a supporter of these chaps for quite some time now and maybe, just maybe, I might get to have a chat with these guys after the dust settles for them a bit. :-) You can hear them on their MySpace page (link above) and check them out on iTunes.

PS: If anyone can YouTube when they come on and let the band know, you will be RLA's best friend!

The name of the show again: Kyle XY on ABC Family

The times:
Monday 2/11/08
song: "Under Starlight"
Time: 8pm EST

Monday 2/18/08
songs: "Hide Your Love Away" & "Hooked To You"
Time: 8pm EST

Monday 2/25/08
song: "Burn The Good Ones Down"
Time: 8pm EST

Monday 3/17/08
song: "Thin Colored Wall"
Time: 8pm EST
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