Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review: Kurt Cobain About a Son (2007)

In stores: February 19
(Thanks Walter)

Directed by: AJ Schnack

Synopsis: Kurt Cobain's life in his own words, literally.

Review: In an hour and a half, you see Kurt Cobain as he is: straight-forward, happy, funny, frustrated, thankful but always real. It's creatively told by hearing his voice accompanied by images of different parts of Washington (Aberdeen, Olympia and Seattle). The only time you see images of Cobain himself are at the end of the "conversation" just before the credits. The other unique quality you hear in Son is no song by Cobain is to be heard. That absence is vital because your mind won't be clouded with his public image and instead solely concentrating on this human being who's a musician, husband and a father.

Verdict: A
See it if you're intrigued with Cobain, love Nirvana or just want to see something good.

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