Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Sub Pop just released The Helio Sequence's 4th studio album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, on January 29th. Guitarist/Vocalist Brandon Summers and Drummer/Keys player Benjamin Weikel have created what I think might be their best album yet. It's really dreamy and totally addictive.

Keep Your Eyes Ahead is out on CD and Vinyl (thank god because I am over iTunes) and quite a few of the tracks are available to preview on THS's Myspace page. If you're short on time, I recommed "Shed Your Love" and "Lately".

If you're on the West Coast, you have a chance to catch these guys on the following tour dates:

Feb 9 2008 Portland, Oregon
Feb 25 2008 Visalia, California
Feb 26 2008 Los Angeles, California
Feb 27 2008 San Diego, California
Feb 28 2008 Costa Mesa, California
Feb 29 2008 San Francisco, California
Mar 1 2008 Reno, Nevada
Mar 7 2008 Portland, Oregon
Mar 8 2008 Seattle, Washington
Mar 9 2008 Boise, Idaho
Mar 10 2008 Salt Lake City, Utah
Mar 11 2008 Denver, Colorado
Mar 17 2008 Tucson, Arizona
Mar 18 2008 Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 20 2008 Provo, Utah

They sound quite a bit different from when I saw them at SxSW about 6 years ago, but I think the evolution is a vast improvement.
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