Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Finally! A chick singer/songwriter that doesn't put me to sleep! Man, is that hard to find. Please don't bring Brandi Carlile into my obvious distaste for girls and guitars - because I might scream if I have to hear anything else about her! Bleh! I was over her before VH1 ate her up like recently rescued island refugee (can you tell I've been catching up on LOST?). Enough, already.

Moving on...the hot stuff you're about to encounter is going to come from Jaymay. She's a haunting vocalist and captivating instumentalist that oozes future hit after hit. There's a jazzy, big band, folkly, rockish style that's kind of sucking me in. Yes, that's broad, but accurate. Just listen and you'll see what I'm talking about. I've even included a freebie mp3 here for you. She's got an album you can take advantage of through iTunes called Autumn Fallin'. Looks like she'll also be somewhere during SxSW on March 12th.

Jaymay - "Blue Skies"
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