Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He Stole Your Beat, So Get It Back.

The Devil Stole the Beat is finally here! Beginning tomorrow night, Atlanta will be at the mercy of music. The full schedule can be found here.

I will most definitely be showing my elusive self at Smith's Olde Bar (bring earplugs, because homeboy who's doing the sound there must be deaf since my eardrums have all but busted the past two times I've been upstairs) Friday night for the stellar ASCAP line-up. Any other outings will be based purely on my unexpected hectic schedule. Unfortunately, this hectic schedule is not due to me vacationing in the south of France or some other exotic country.

No, my schedule is due to work/life/trying to enroll in a master's program. Because of all of this, I'm not finding much joy in this whole blogging thing anymore, especially since I feel like it takes, takes, takes, while I give, give, give. I haven't completely decided yet, but SXSW will most likely be my last hurrah, depending on everything else. I'm finding it hard to address all the emails I'm sent daily, and that just makes me stress out, when really, I shouldn't be stressing about a personal journal that doesn't manage to put any kind of money in my pocket so that I may have a roof and pay my bills. Not that I need to justify my decisions to you, but if you want some kind of explanation, there it is.

Something has to give somewhere. I just got a great promotion at my corporate job that I'm beginning to like more and more everyday, and with that comes more work, longer hours, and less time to sit around and listen to/form and opinion on music. Capisce?

This is not to say I will never blog again. It is, however, to say that when I do blog, it will be when I want or can, and I'd appreciate less of the "have you listened to _____ yet?" and "I sent you ______ a couple months ago, and a post before the CD release/show would be great." Yeah, I'm sure it would, but sleeping would be great for me, and that takes precedence. Sorry.

See you on Friday?
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