Monday, February 04, 2008

Harrison Hudson CD Release.

Guys, if you're looking for weekend plans already, then go ahead and jot down (or type in, for you technically savvy folks) Harrison Hudson's CD release at Vinyl Saturday, February 9th. They may be tearing up the Nashville scene now, but they used to kick it all over Atlanta when they were based here not so long ago. Thankfully, they always make sure to visit often.

There's something refreshing about hearing a band mature over time, both physically and musically. Listening to the tracks contained on Blood, Sweat and Sweat makes me smile, because HH has obviously grown to be a seasoned rock band. Rock. What is rock anyway? This stuff is like a melting pot of any genre that massages your eardrums, from Cash to the Stones, to the's all there if you listen as intently as I've found myself doing. The first couple of songs on their MySpace page are straight from the new album - and I think you'll find that the little taste you get will have you salivating for more like Pavlov's dog. "Baby Blues" has a sweet tinge of pop rock reminiscent of the bands popular in the sixites. "Kill Her With a Kiss" is an endearing ode to the wanted girl, and at the same time, the one you want to be (unless you're a guy, duh).

So, go listen, then go see, and go say hey to Harrison.
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