Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Carousel 5

So I've talked about Carousel 5 before, because, well, I like them, and I think you will, too. They graciously sent me their new CD, Counter Clockwise, and I've given it a listen at my leisure. And I likey what I hear! I'm not sure what it is, but there's a pretty sick calming effect...maybe it's Tori's vocals? Maybe it's the bwangy guitars (yeah, I make up words, deal with it). Maybe it's the underlying jazzy sensation pouring out of every song. Whatever the case may be, their formula works well to ease the senses.

Honestly, it's nice to hear something like this come along in this town. Why? Well, not to dog anyone, but I'm finding myself repeatedly bored with most of the acts I see over and over again, save my staple favorites. Although I'm still recovering from The Devil Stole the Beat last week (by the way, our show on Friday sold out at Smith's! Yay!), I'm going to jump back in the saddle on Friday night, February 29th, to catch Carousel 5 at Red Light Cafe. It's $5.00, and I feel like you may want to spend your Friday night there, too, if you go listen to the songs on their MySpace page (linked above).
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