Tuesday, January 08, 2008

To Read With Your Coffee.

Today is my Dad's birthday - so I will be doing family time during normal writing hours. It's also Elvis' birthday, in case you haven't turned on the TV to see all of his movies being played in a marathon to celebrate. How about some news tidbits to make up for time spent elsewhere? Yes?

*Taylor Hicks gets dumped. You know, I would have NEVER seen this coming if I wasn't certain that the world wasn't ready for the next Michael Bolton...

*Ladies, make sure you check your boobies every month. Bif says so.

*I'm wondering when the entire music industry is going to catch on that labels are just money hoarding pimps. This and this say that will happen sooner than later. And they can all thank Radiohead.

*The Golden Globes are suffering a loss due to this writer's strike. Heads up to the big exec guys: PAY YOUR WRITERS! Geez.

*I'm going to try even harder this year to actually make it to SxSW.

*And now, to end this post, I will not link anything, but will just weigh in on this whole Britney Spears meltdown that the entire world is being subjected to: Ms. Spears is an example of white trash with too much money and a need for attention. It's really too bad that she has received so much attention that she cannot even run her own life and is negatively influencing those of two young children. We all know this. We have all known this for a while. So, this is a plea for all the blogs, TV, commercial, and now, even movie people to just shut up about it already. Shut. Up!

Have a lovely Tuesday.
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