Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Music.

I cannot even begin to get to everything that has been sent my way in the past month, but I'll randomly put some of it up for your listening enjoyment. Happy New Year.

***In a couple of months, March 8th, to be exact, Jonathan Rice is going to be rolling into town to play the Loft. This kid doesn't even look like he's old enough to drive, but he is, just like he's able to make beautiful, shiny music with a personal fav of mine, Jenny Lewis. You can stream his duet with her below:

Jonathan Rice & Jenny Lewis - "End of the Affair"

***One of the most jaded singer/songwriters I've ever had the pleasure of catching on to is releasing a new album in March. David Ford stays true to his condescending lyrical content on Songs for the Road, which can be sampled on his media player website. Seriously, I love, love, love this guy. He's so dark that it's frighteningly soothing to know that my life doesn't suck nearly that bad. The first single is "Go to Hell," if that tells you anything...

***All you kids who dig on that electronic stuff should check out Temposhark if you haven't already. I must say that I hate admitting when I like something that's probably got a pretty short shelf life, but I'm going to say that I like this. It makes me want to move my tushy.

That's all I got for right now that's worth mentioning. If you're looking for something to do this weekend on the end of live music, Trances Arc is playing at Smith's Olde Bar on Saturday, January 5th with the Empties and Evoka.
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