Thursday, January 24, 2008

Natalie Warner

In light of American Idol, and the fact that despite my efforts to completely ignore that it's going on, I can't due to the media coverage, I'm going to pass along an artist that I will file under the ever-growing "guilty pleasures" category. If you like poppy artists who feed off Natasha Beddingfield, Kelly Clarkson, and maybe a smidge of Feist, who add their own life details, then you'll be happy to know Natalie Warner. (Guys, let me just go ahead and say that she is adorably cute, and that may be reason enough for you to just go listen to her...)

I got a demo of "Last This Time" (which can be found on her MySpace player, linked above) some months ago, and I'm not going to lie - it went straight on my iPod and still resides there after the initial obsession. This, of course, prompted me to listen to the rest of the songs,! It's perfect for setting the mood for girl time! And by that, I mean I would totally ride around in the car singing this stuff with my girlfriends, because we do those types of things. I know you're jealous. So, go check it out for yourself. There are no show dates listed yet, but she's got a new album out, and she's also based in Shreveport, so I'm sure she'll be hitting Atlanta.
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