Thursday, January 03, 2008

I love iTunes gift cards! Part Deux

After being super stoked about the Ladytron finds and the iTunes Plus updates, I hit a brick wall on what else to get with the remaining winnings for five songs... So, I ended up with the following five (along with commentary) that won a spot on my iPod nano "classic" (aka: the first iPod nano that is nowhere to be found in the Apple store).

"Left Side Drive" - Boards of Canada. This band was suggested by two great people who work at American Apparel when we were talking of spacey music playing in the store. It's very chill, optimistic and transcendental.

"Faster Kill Pussycat" - Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy. I heard this song two Halloween's ago and fell in love with it. It's very dancie and you lose yourself in the beat.

"Life On Mars?" - David Bowie. It's one of those songs you hear from time to time that grab your attention. It's a classic!

"Shadow of the Day" - Linkin Park. I woke up hearing this song having no idea who played it. A couple weeks go by, and I find out it's Linkin Park. It's mellow and quite good in my opinion.

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division. It breaks my heart to hear this song, but it's unusually gorgeous. It's also from the Donnie Darko and Control soundtracks.
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