Thursday, January 10, 2008

Go See Something This Weekend.

The week is winding down, and you should be getting a new wind from the holiday lull. That's on top of the fact that pretty much everything on TV is a rerun due to the writer's strike. If you want to see some music, try these out this weekend:

-Friday, January 11: STAR BAR
Autovaughn is coming in from Nashville, TN. I think I listened to their CD on repeat for an entire two months when I got it oh so long ago. So, I'm going to be here to finally see it happen live. You can read my ancient CD review from Southeast Performer magazine here.

If I had money, I'd be at Variety Playhouse all weekend. The Dresden Dolls will be there tomorrow night.

-Saturday, January 12: THE EARL
Attractive Eighties Women will be releasing their new CD with Pistolero opening up for support. Admission includes a CD! That's a bonus in itself.

And the other reason I'd want to cop a squat at VARIETY PLAYHOUSE...
Yo La Tengo is playing. I really like them. A lot. They've been around for a long while, and I always manage to miss them for some reason or another. I don't see that it's sold out, so I may try to swing this still.
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