Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Reason I Hate Ticketmaster.

This weekend, the NHL All-Star Game will be played at Philips Arena. In light of that, Wyclef Jean will be at the Tabernacle on Friday night, January 25th to raise money to benefit Usher's charity, New Look Foundation.

This is significant to me, because the opening band is my favorite band of all-time forever and ever, the OLD 97s!!! I have never seen the band live because they never come here. I have only had the pleasure of watching lead singer Rhett Miller do the solo thing on two separate occasions. I only found out about this show on Friday. I almost peed in my pants.

And now, I have to curse the people holding these tickets, Ticketmaster, because the $30 ticket will end up costing around $45 after all of their fees and other bullshit they tack on because they can. Ticketmaster, I hate you more than anything I have ever hated. Like brussel sprouts. I would rather eat a million of them than have to deal with Ticketmaster.

Not only do the tickets have all the extra fees, if you go to the show listing, they didn't even get that right. Oldies 97? Wtf is that? An imaginary radio station that's hosting Wyclef at the Tabernacle? Someone needs to get a job demerit for that fudged listing. My feelings are actually a little hurt for the band. I mean, YOU GOT THEIR NAME WRONG!!!! I guess nothing is sacred anymore.

Anywho, I'm not even sure I'll be going, because of other financial problems I'm dealing with. Leah is sad. That is all for now. Thank you.
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