Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ring In 2008 With...

I post something each year with a rundown of your exciting options of ways to ring in the New Year. Let's all hope we can bypass vomiting amateurs and just enjoy ourselves, our friends, and our ability to hear the music. Awwww, look who's sappy today...

Ohhhh, and my 28th birthday is this Saturday, so if you happen to be anywhere near the ice skating rink in Centennial Park that evening, be sure to scope it out and see if you can find a tall brunette with a pillow strapped to her ass, wearing a tiara. That would be me.


SMITH'S OLDE BAR NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW: I'll be here staying true to my local rock roots, as usual. Warm in the Wake, Modern Skirts, and Rantings of Eva all play. This is a pretty spectacular line-up, and one that's sure to keep my blood pressure down. $15 at the door, plus 2 cans of food.

VINYL/THE LOFT: As usual, Vinyl is having DJs and dancing. If you're not old enough to party with those of us who are legal, then you can party at Vinyl. It's 18+ and that link up there will take you to a place where you can find tickets.

LENNY'S BAR: Lenny's is having something called the Five Dolla Holla. It looks like Red Bull and Jager will be involved with it. And it's $5 to get in the door.

PHILIPS ARENA: If you're into eating 'shrooms, smoking pot, wearing patchouli, and starting and ending every sentence with "man," then you might have plans to see Widespread Panic at Philips Arena. $49.50.

FOX THEATRE: Of course, if you're completely over WSP, you can always mosy over to the Fox to see the Derek Trucks Band.

THE EARL: Hopefully you've already purchased tickets to see Band of Horses (who happen to grace a Ford commercial with their mondo hit "The Funeral"), because it's sold out. $20

THE DRUNKEN UNICORN: The Black Lips are scheduled to set their unique brand of psychedelic rock down on the Unicorn. What a way for them to end an amazing year.

STAR BAR: The Forty-Fives will be playing with Gringo Star, The Booze, and El Capitan. I've managed to get away with not seeing any of these bands this year.

THE MASQUERADE: If you're into the heavier kind of rock that I'm not...then you can see Boy Hits Car and local bands Dear Enemy and City Sleeps (who I actually do like a lot) at the Masquerade. $13

Sure, there are a ton of other things going on next Monday night. However, I'm sticking to the live music and usual venues for my list of "places to go, people to see." Happy New Year! And, I would just like to thank Santa for my new iPod Nano. I love, love, love it, much like I love the White Chocolate Caramel Latte cheesecake...mmm.
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