Thursday, December 20, 2007

P.S. I Love You

Genre: Soundtrack
P.S. I Love You out December 21
(Thanks Arbell!)

The cool thing about this soundtrack is it's not all sappy. For instance, you got the opener ("Love you 'Till the End" by The Pogues) reminding me of The Cure, which is a good band. Then you got a James Blunt track from All The Lost Souls and a Flogging Molly tune, "If I Ever Read This World Alive."

The two songs that make this album of various artists are "Everything We Had" by The Academy Is... and "In the Beginning" by The Stills. The reason why I picked these two are they sum up what the movie is about - love in today's society. They are neither lovey-dovey nor to the point (you know what I mean). If anything, be a sport and have a listen to those two tracks. You can also check them out when you hear them in the film when it hits theatres tomorrow.

Verdict: C+
There are definitely no Moulin Rouge! reenactments going on like when I'm singing along with Ewan McGregor (growl), but The Stills and The Academy Is... tunes are worth getting on iTunes in case you don't have the albums!
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