Thursday, November 01, 2007

You're A Wolf Boy, Get Out Of This Town

Sea Wolf played at The Earl on Sunday October 28th. Once in a while, Atlanta really surprises my by completely dropping the ball. This was one of those times. Although there was surprisingly only a handful of people out on Sunday, it seemed like the people that were there were happy that they showed up.

The ladies and gentlemen in Sea Wolf were not only totally cool (i.e. chatting with their fans) but they put on a killer live show. I can honestly say that this group sounds just as good live as their recorded material on Leaves In The River, if not better.

Eclectic music is often times hard to pull off, but the ladies on cello and keys were total pros and lead vocalist, Alex Brown Church is a star.

My favorite song, Black Dirt, went over well live but unfortunately isn't on their Myspace page. It's worth picking up the album (or downloading it on itunes) just for this song.

This might be the best show I have seen in a while and here's to hoping that Sea Wolf hits Atlanta again soon.
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