Wednesday, November 28, 2007

They Might Be of Interest.

I'm in holiday mode, so blogging will only happen when I really feel like it. Which will probably not be very often.


**In case you didn't hear, Butch Walker lost all of his possessions in a fire out in Malibu. He was renting Flea's house. That really sucks. I'm sorry for Butch and his family. He's a super nice and talented guy, so this is a real shame, especially considering he lost lots of music related items. You can read more here.

**A couple of notable deaths have occured. Quiet Riot just got even quieter, while the emo scene just got louder.

**And the downward spiral just keeps getting steeper for Amy Whinehouse. (Nope, I didn't spell that wrong, either.)

**If this is true, then I'm buying a grave site, because Armageddon is near.

**Frank Sinatra teams up with Warner Music. Does he really has a choice at this point? Shame, shame, I know your name...


**Since Atlanta's scene has left my fancy untickled lately, I'm going to hit Vinyl next Wednesday to check out Hod Rod Circuit from Connecticut.

**There are more benefit shows/concerts/fundraisers/etc this time of year than ever.

********Keep in mind that any show at Smith's Olde Bar tacks on 2 canned goods to the cover price through December.

I'm keeping extra green beans and corn that I will never eat handy in my car for occasions like:

-->Rantings of Eva, Judi Chicago, and Black Volt on Sunday, December 16th for "Music for the Mangled" at Smith's Olde Bar.

-->A Moonshine Christmas at Lenny's on Saturday.December 15th.

-->Paws for Applause at Vinyl on Thursday, December 13th with The Modern Society.

Stay tuned for when I actually write about something of substance...
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