Monday, November 19, 2007

Inboxoscopy Long Overdue.

I didn't even bother to proofread this, so if there are errors, forgive me.

**The Devil Makes Three. Milan Entertainment sent me a song from this band that makes me want to get really drunk. Mostly because it's a song about drinking, and its blues/folk sound just makes me think I'm sitting in a seedy back alley bar where they serve you whiskey in a dirty glass.

The Devil Makes Three - "Old Number Seven"

**Soulsavers bring pianos and vocals so deep, you might need floaties when you listen to it. No, seriously. This is like some Johnny Cash shit. It's haunting. You might get lost in it. They're only playing a few shows, and none in Atlanta. But, if you happen to live in or travel to California, NY, DC, or Pennsylvania, then check their website to see when they're playing.

Stream the single: Soulsavers - "Kingdoms of Rain"

**I have to mention a band when I notice the following things: (a) they're from Seattle, (b) they list Phil Collins and Usher as influences, and (c) their album is called The Album That Killed Its Parents. So here is a mention for Gray Beast. I'm thinking that this music will come in handy for 'chill out' time. I'm thinking wine. I'm thinking a big furry rug. And finally, I'm thinking a fireplace. Unfortunately, I only have a rug and it's not furry. Go listen. I'm immediately fond of what I'm hearing.

**Compilation CDs are my absolute fav. I think I'm a master at compiling, and if you ask people that have been on the receiving end of that, they'll tell you the same. So, naturally, when I hear there is a compilation CD that has a tracklist of guilty pleasure covers done by indie artists, I begin to salivate. I only have the MySpace link, so go check out Guilt By Association. It's yummy. (And by yummy, I mean Devendra Banhart covering "Don't Look Back in Anger.")

**I'm a Georgia Southern grad. I was there in the midst of National Championship fever. Our star running back went on to play in the NFL...for Da Bears. There's a band called Da Bears from San Diego that have a nice grasp on the whole surfer rock thing. This isn't your mama's surf rock, though, so don't write it off. This is the kind of rock that makes me think I have pink bubbles floating through my veins when I listen to it. It's happy. It's like skipping down a brick road wearing pigtails and a sun visor made out of colored plastic. In your skinny jeans. I kind of want to get a case of beer and hang out with these guys.

**Got an email from a band out of New York called Bloodshot Revival. I'll say they've got a nice punk/indie thing going on. I'm reminded of a cross between the big power pop bands, like Motion City Soundtrack, and...and...well, I can't place my finger on just one other band. As in, it doesn't really stand out. Eh.

**The Color Wheels are a husband and wife team who, once again, have some of that 90s revival sound, and it's good. They also remind me of the Postal Service or Radiohead with their incorporation of electronic music. It makes me so happy when someone sends me music that isn't all-around crap.

**I've been really gravitating toward chicks with soothing voices and light-hearted music. And that's why I like Spider. It's so happy and so depressing at the same time. Spider manages to have the female version of Damien Rice effect on me. And, if you're someone who often reads this blog, you'd know that I'm emotionally attached to the latter, and I think I'm slowly picking up that same vibe with Spider's calming sense.
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