Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do You Have Some Time?

Surely you've heard of street teams, or maybe you've been on one. You probably like music enough to talk about how much this band or that band is the poo doo dong, right? Well, if you care to get free tickets and/or free CDs for that, and you have some extra time to do street promo, Matador Records and Beggars Group are looking for Atlantans to help them out.

Normally I wouldn't pass along info of this sort since everyone is always looking for street team people, but this caught my eye because I actually really like the artists on this label, and in this case, I'll help them out.

Think about it, the more you let those who are uneducated know about great bands like St. Vincent, Film School, Devendra Banhart, and Yo La Tengo, the more you don't have to listen to crap like Fergie and whoever sings that dumbass umbrella song.

If you're interested, here are the qualifications:

All it takes is a little bit of time each week and a love of music. Perks include free shows, free records and more.

Yes? Then email Claire Taylor. Easy enough, right?
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