Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In It

Remember this name - Kenotia (pronounced: keh-no-shhha). Because their catchy tunes will be stuck in your head all day!

Released today and already hard to find copies, Atlanta-based band (Marietta if you want to get technical) Kenotia's debut album, You've Dug Your Grave, Now Lie In It, was released at Best Buy, Hot Topic and fye locations across the country. This group of five 20-somethings have the energy to play way more than the 35 minutes of fun on the nine-tracked CD.

How does Kenotia sound? Think Angels & Airwaves and 30 Seconds to Mars sound with a younger, sweeter Garbage vocals. The combination is not bad and vocalist Carly's voice takes you to places where only unicorns go... kidding. But seriously, her vocals carry a lot of weight and carry it well. The instrumentation is well-balanced and good chill music when hanging out with friends or keeping yourself company. When you look on their MySpace page, don't be weird about the word "emo" as a description of their sound. The undertone is there, but it's very much considered alternative rock and ambient sound.

As far as the songs themselves, you're kept in the same mood where you say, "Nice," at the end of every song, even the instrumental track, "86 Seconds Later." "Decorating For Cinco de Mayo" and "Until This Day" are my recommendations if you plan on testing them out on iTunes, where they are also available.

If you fancy them so much you want to see them live, they'll be at Tony's Bar & Grill in Sandy Springs on November 3 and at Swayze's Marietta/Kennesaw on November 7 before they go on tour. Don't dig your own grave and not go!
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