Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Your 33 Black Angels.

So, a reader pointed this band out to me, as some readers often do. Hey, I can't get to everything all the time, right? And apparently, Rolling Stone thinks they rock it out, too, as can be seen here.

Your 33 Black Angels
is a good mixture of rock with a twist of pop that has a gritty retro feel, and it's sure to make you feel naughty with smart lyrics. Tell it to me like it is! This band can do that. What's even better is that they've been doing this on their own so far, releasing their CD Lonely Street all on their lonesome. So go take a listen, and thank the dude who brought it to my attention.

I think I smell an idea burning in my brain...having readers submit something I MUST know about? What do you think? Click the comment box. Or email me.
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