Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This weekend I purchased MegaMan 1-8 for my XBox, so posting is a miracle right now because I'd rather be conquering Dr. Wily and his goons.

**The Pendletons are doing a mini-tour after hitting CMJ last week. Maybe this time around I can actually catch them.

10/24 New York, NY Arlene’s Grocery

11/01 Atlanta, GA Lenny’s

11/08 Athens, GA Caledonia Lounge

11/28 Atlanta, GA The Earl

**Great Northern is coming to town again on Friday, October 26th at the EARL. YOU SHOULD GO! Was that loud enough for you? They really are that amazing. You can read up on them here. There's nothing better than a soothing, yet eerie display of female vocals ala Emily Haines to get me in the right mood for, well, anything.

Video below of "Low is a Height," which is easily one of my favs from the album, which you should own if you don't already.

**Asobi Sesku is coming out with a new single called "Strawberries" on the verge of their European tour. They're offering the single on red vinyl. Yes. That's awesome. Colorful is always amazing.

**All you Mars Volta fans will be excited to know that they have set a date for their newest release, The Bedlam in Goliath. The magic date is January 29, so that means you can either hold onto your Christmas giftcard, or wait to return that crappy gift Aunt Sue thought would be awesome for you in order to purchase it.

A video preview can be found here.

**Got a sample single from The New Whole Usuals that isn't bad. Reminds me a little of old school Outkast in that it's kind of bouncy. Yes, bouncy.

The New Whole Usuals - "No Name Sally"

**If someone can tell me what the hell this band is thinking, then I'll give you a virtual thumbs up. In a nutshell, that means I'm not a fan.

Dubious Ranger
- "Slow Day"

**Here's a documentary from Les Savy Fav. Enjoy.

**And lastly, to comment on the new law affecting nightclub establishments, apparently all of the music venues are in the clear due to a loophole. That being said, I'm not going to put it past the City to realize that they'd be practicing a sort of double standard before going after places like the Masquerade, Drunken Unicorn, or all the venues at CW Midtown Complex...
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