Thursday, October 04, 2007

Musical Samples From Up and Coming Bands.

These are all a steal. It's the equivalent of shopping at Ross.

*A blog fav, the Pendletons, have announced the release of their first full-length album, Oh, Me!, and I couldn't be more thrilled. Just let your ears justify that last statement:

The Pendletons - "Sad Songs"

The Pendletons - "Not Gonna Stop"

Ack! It's so damn good that my feelings are actually hurt. Thank the stars and heavenly bodies above for this band.

*We're all aware that there's a ton of sappy piano playing dudes out there spilling out everything contained in their completely open and exposed hearts. Here's another one. Ben Jelen hails from NY, and that chick from the 4 Non Blondes seems to like him enough to put him on her label. But I'm . . . slightly bored.

Ben Jelen - "Mr. Philosopher"

And if you prefer remixes, then you might dig this. I, uh, steer way far clear from clubs, but I can tolerate this. I like the retro-80s inspired vocal enhancement.

Ben Jelen - "Pulse (remix)"

*Speaking of remixes and retro things and the such, I got this today, and I almost crapped my pants when I heard it. For the record, I loathe everything Fergie "makes." Her lack of originality is an earsore on everything music stands for. But, damn, DJ Axel got me to listen to her. Well, her, and Salt n' Pepa, and JJ Fad at least.

DJ Axel - "Push It Fergasonic"

"Supersonic?" Hellllo, elementary school, so we meet again . . .

*Do you like bad chick pop-rock? Huh? Well, do ya? Then you'll be salivating for this. Sick of Sarah! I'm sick of Sick of Sarah. Nyuk, nyuk.

Sick of Sarah - "Hello Good Morning"

So what? I've had a long day, and it appears I woke up on the cranky side of the bed this morning. Enjoy.
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