Thursday, October 04, 2007

Music News You Can Use.

Attention, attention! Press releases out the wazoo have initiated this post.

*Luke Temple is going on tour with The Good Life. I don't really care for this music, but I do care for the Good Life, hence the mention. Temple's singer/songwriter abilities can't be denied, but they're a little too on the folk side for my taste. Check out this link for some free downloads or to sample his work.

*Fans of Nick Drake will be happy to learn of the box set, Fruit Tree, that's due out November 6th. The label is even throwing a limited number of vinyl in the mix, so you can dig on that if you're into the gritty retro sound. And who's not?

*With the recent release of Beyond the Neighborhood, Athlete's got a new video out for "Hurricane." In addition, here's a nice bonus mp3 for you. I heart this one. Let's just say, it's going on my "Make Out" playlist. Mhmm. Get you some of that.

Athlete - "Airport Disco"

Athlete - "Hurricane"

*I can sometimes be found on a barstool crooning along with Prince over my beer, so naturally, getting a link of Ben Harper covering "Purple Rain" is sure to perk my ears. Let it perk yours, too. Do that here. Owwweee!

*Rolling Stone has a good breakdown of the highly anticipated Radiohead release, In Rainbows. I love rainbows! It's available for digital download next Wednesday, October 10th. Ah, Radiohead.
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