Thursday, October 04, 2007

Breaking News.

Breaking things is mucho fun! Especially when it's the news...

***White Rabbits have added tour dates to their schedule and are going to be hitting Atlanta on November 6th at the EARL.

***I used to be a high school teacher. This is one of the reasons I quit:

Kudos to Escape the Fate for keeping it nice and original and ripping off Van Halen in their "Situations" video. I'm sure your parents are really proud.

***Just a couple months after releasing his latest full-length, Easy Tiger, Ryan Adams is staying true to his multiple release roots and coming back with a seven song EP on October 23rd called Follow the Lights. This comes right after his Atlanta tour date, October 14th at the Fox Theatre. (Oh, and guess who's not going? Me! Thanks to his booking people for not hooking me up. Preesh. Oh, and you're welcome for the heavy coverage I've given him.)

That is all for now. Carry on.
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